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PVC doors are the perfect human-made doors, and a growing and fascinating trend these days. Resembling like painted doors, these are not only worth your investment but also look great as exterior doors. PVC doors can be utilized for bathroom doors as well. Hence, these doors have become a favorite choice for most of the house owners, interior designers, and even builders.

PVC doors are indeed durable and robust. These doors do not rust and warp and hence, enjoy tremendous popularity amongst households and commercial businesses. Metal doors are subject to rust, while wooden ones bend. But the natural elements of sun, raindrops do not interfere with the material of PVC doors. However, we can understand five more reasons why installing PVC doors is an excellent idea on your part.

Reasonable in terms of costs

As we have already mentioned that these doors are worth the money you spend, we would like to emphasize that they are also reasonably priced. If one compares the prices of PVC doors with those of aluminum or wood doors, then the former is budget-friendly. Due to the low prices of the material used, the installation costs also dropdown. Traditional doors require higher maintenance costs, which is unlikely that of PVC doors. PVC doors do not degrade in a wet room like a bathroom.

Less effort on maintenance

Most of the door’s materials available in the market these days require a substantial amount of effort and money for support. On the other hand, PVC doors require less amount of warping and pest control services. You can use a mild detergent or a DIY cleaner at home, and wipe the door with the help of a wet cloth.

Wooden doors need timely replacements as pests tamper the condition and its functionality. Pests can also be a threat to the surrounding furniture in the home or office. Plastic Door Strips do not attract pests, and the related chaos can be avoided.

Security is a key benefit

The manufacturers of PVC doors boast of the intense nature of the same. These doors cannot be broken easily like that of wooden doors. So, if you think that these doors will be an excellent decision for your home or office as exterior doors, then it is a wise decision. PVC doors are known for providing better and enhanced security to the environment.

An essential part of home décor

Gone are the days when only the durability of the external doors was taken into consideration. Thanks to the innovative home décor industry, external doors, bathroom doors have also become a significant component of home décor. Along with strength, these doors should also be stylish and depict the home décor style and personality of the house.

If finding strong-cum-modern doors is a concern, then PVC doors are the best for an outstanding home or office makeover. We agree that you can find a limited number of colors, but they serve a modern appearance and align with the minimalist requirements of home décor.

A unique layer of insulation

Embedded with thermal insulating properties, a PVC door will maintain the average temperature in a room, eliminating the constant use of heaters and coolers in winters and summers respectively. It contributes to a significant reduction in power consumption and relevant charges. A cost-effective benefit of these doors cannot be ignored! Metal and wooden doors do not offer this advantage, and we tend to overlook the same.

In short, PVC doors are the best doors for your home or office environment, no matter whether you live in Mauritius with hot afternoons or rainy evenings. Your doors need to be strong enough to protect your environment.

You will save several expenses, including daily maintenance, replacement costs, pest control charges, and many more. You do not even have to spend separately for décor as these doors serve the purpose in a minimalist way.

BetterVision is the first Mauritian company that offers you the door that you need. Our company offers you :-


🌎 Best Quality

BetterVision won’t compromise on the Standard. We promise superior quality, Experience the US standard in Design and Quality yourself.


💎Premium designs

We strive to create more design outcomes for the people. Better Vision promises both user-friendly and future-friendly designs.


🤝 Durability Guaranteed

Just a quick rub down with water is all it needs to stay clean. BetterVision will become a member of your family to cherish the generations.


🎉Value for Money

Why we stick to the people is all because we give value to their money. Each and every BetterVision Products are perfectly worth it.

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